A Cheaper Device that Could Reduce Cost of Wave Energy

By on May 21st, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009 2:55

wave1Dublin company JOSPA is offering a new cheaper system, known as the Irish Tube Compressor (ITC), that could reduce cost of wave energy.

This device is based on reinforced, flexible tubes lying on the water, using air and water driven forward in successive ’slugs’ by ocean waves, with the resulting water head and air pressure being converted to electricity, either by conventional means or being used directly in other processes (such as water desalination).

The company claims that this new system can bring a revolution in wave energy sector. Now i will tell you the benefits of the Irish Tube Compressor:

- Faster return on capital invested due greater annual salable output

- Greater marine survivability

- A big improvement in lower maintenance costs

- A lower specific capital cost is expected (€ or $ per kW installed capacity)

- Tube- or Hose- based, it mitigates the severity of marine conditions while it cannot remove them entirely.

- Lower specific production costs – lower € or $ cost per kWh of production

- A greater response to varying waves – superior bandwidth availability – greater time availability.

Source: Cleantechnica


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