Alternative Heating Fuel to Reduce Sulfur Emissions

By on September 23rd, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 3:01

Alternative Heating FuelAccording to the researchers from Purdue University, the No. 2 fuel oil and a blend of degummed soybean oil can be used as an alternative heating fuel, reducing the sulfur emissions.

The researcher Klein Ileleji, tested blends of 20 percent, 50 percent and 100 percent degummed soybean oil, a cheaper and unrefined product to produce than soy methyl esters, commonly known as biodiesel and discovered that the 20 percent blend didn’t degrade a home furnace’s parts or heat output.

He founded that the 20 percent blend was a slight early degradation of the furnace’s gaskets and seals, which manufacturers could fix by switching to a higher quality product. Deleting gumming agents from soybean oil eliminates its harmful effects on fuel injection nozzles, gaskets and other parts, and creates a combustible biofuel. Like some other bio-fuels, its properties can be less desirable than traditional fuels.

Researcher’s study showed that 50 percent blend and 100 percent degummed soybean oil had reduced flashpoints, making them more difficult to ignite, reating higher temperatures associated with cold filter plugging points, reducing heat content and leading to early degradation of gaskets and seals.

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