Bangladesh intend to convert poultry waste into electricity

By on April 20th, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009 2:53

poultry-waste_biqzk_69Bangladesh authorities intend to convert polutry waste into electricity. If this thing will happens, the residents are experiencing 2,000MW shortage of electricity everyday.

The Bangladesh Poultry Owners Association is now planning to start the construction of a waste-to-electricity plant. In about three years this plant will use all that waste to generate about 50MW of electricity.

“We have nearly one lakh poultry industries. If we can use 10 per cent of the poultry industry it will help to produce 50MW electricity from poultry manure within three years,” Dr MM Khan, General Secretary of Bangladesh Poultry Owners Association told the reporters yesterday.

In the present the Advance Animal Science Ltd (AAS) is running a small scale plant which produces 120 kilowatt of electricity from manure of 4,200 poultry and 65-hybrid cow through using locally developed technology at a cost of TK 2.60 lakh.


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