Britons Introduce Buses That Go With Recycled Oil

By on October 8th, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 15:06

A new revolutionary network of buses, in which vehicles are powered by recycled cooking oil or animal fats and operate on a line out of use, will be launched in Cambridge, UK.

Thus there will be a fleet of 20 such buses so simple, as well as double-decker which will be put into circulation starting from April next year. The transport plan combine two new technologies, and aims to reduce traffic and emissions of carbon dioxide.

The new bus line has a length of 25 miles and will be the world’s largest of its kind. Buses fuel is produced in Scotland and is for the first time when the recycled cooking oil will be used to power a major urban transport.

Authorities hope that through this initiative to remove the drivers from their cars and to determine to use the most common transport in order to avoid the hellish traffic and to save the environment from the pollution.


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