E-Move Charging Station can Provide Power to Everything

By on September 18th, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009 2:02

e-move-charging-station_3_EW1wE_69Michael Scherer, a designer from Brixen, has developed a solar charging station that can power bicycles, scooters, cars and even mobile phones. In conclusion it can provide power to everything with the necessary “fuel” from the sun.

The prototype called E-Move Charging Station, is equipped with 8 mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules, which together supply 1.76 kWp of solar energy. The designers are hoping that, over the year, the solar station to generate about 2000KWh of green electricity. In the meantime the first prototype has been tested and can charge up to eight vehicles at the same time.

When this amazing system will be ready, it can an also be used to charge Segway Rollers, electric scooters, mobile phones,iPods and other electrical devices. Payment is to be made by credit card or mobile phone, exactly like rented bicycles. If the tests are successful, the new solar charging station will be marketed in Europe’s large cities and the in U.S.

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