Glitter-Size Photovoltaic Cells Prove as Efficient as Conventional Silicon Cells

By on December 29th, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 13:43

Researchers from Sandia National Laboratories have developed a glitter size photovoltaic cell that has the efficiency of a normal silicon cell. Using about 100 times less silicon, the new cells are able to produce the same amount of electricity as conventional solar cells.Made of crystalline silicon, the new photovoltaic cells have the same micro-manufacturing processes as typical electronics, making them in this way very attractive to the market. The cells can be made of any size of silicon wafers and they are supposed to be very cheap, very durable and more efficient than conventional cells. The micro-photovoltaic cells could be used for different applications world wide.

Being so small, the solar particles can be applied on every irregular shape, on every tent tarpaulin, or clothing material. They will probably become battery chargers during war time for marines.

The micro-photovoltaic cells can be attached very easy directly to the roofing materials, eliminating the clumsy installation process in the case of conventional rooftop solar arrays. With a thickness of only 20 micrometers (1/3 thickness of the human hair), the micro-photovoltaics could be imprinted with circuits that control the collection and disbursement of solar energy within the building and to a grid connection, eliminating an expensive and time-consuming electrical design work.

Beside this, the small solar cells could be used to enable blind persons see. Researchers at Stanfort University have recently developed a retinal implant with solar cells that acts like a built in “high-definition TV”.


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