Google’s New Wireless EV Charging System Has Been Unveiled

By on March 30th, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 11:38

Here is some good news for the environment: Google tries out an alternative fueling system based on wireless recharging for electric cars, suggestively named PluglessPower. The tests are being conducted by Evatran in Mountain View, Virginia.

This inductive technology used for electrical transformers for the past century is the starting point for wireless recharging of electric vehicles and here is how it works: the electric vehicle’s battery is charged by the current flowing from the interaction between the vehicle and the charger, when the electrical transformer is separated among the two.

Such vehicles are already in use by Google’s employees for low speed driving. The first try-out of the PluglessPower technology will be performed for small distances driving.

Large companies such as General Motors also develop other useful technology step-ups including the Volt wireless charging or bicycles for recharging the iPhone.

If you are open to new technologies, Evatran is willing to try out the NEVs in other fields of activity, besides the above-mentioned one.


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