Hawaii Will Be The First Island With 100% Electric Transport

By on December 5th, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008 9:37

Hawaii will be the electric cars paradise until 2012, said the Electric Company representatives. The battery charging will be made through a “intelligence” network of chargers.

The network’s project uses the latest technologies in the field of electric transport, coupled with a Internet network aimed to follow up the few tens of thousands of rechargeable stations. The designer is confident that the plan will not be affected by the current financial crisis, as the charger network will use only solar and wind energy.

The project belongs to the brain that is behind the software used in Silicon Valley, Shai Agassa, now CEO of the Better Place company from California. Shai Agassa managed to accumulate 200 million dollars from private funds and to mobilize the governments like: Denmark, Israel, Australia, regional planning organizations from Northern California and a major company of cars producer, Renault-Nissan. The total cost estimate for the 500,000 charger stations is a billion dollars.

According to the Better Place company, the plan is perfect for islands, where energy costs are high. Hawaii’s market  is relatively restricted, approximately 1.2 million cars from which between 70 and 120,000 are annually replaced.

According to Daniel M. Kammen, a professor of energy resources at the University of California, the Better Place project is promising, especially that will encourage consumers to adopt an alternative transport system, which soon will be indispensable.


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