Hummer H3 Hybrid gets 100 miles per gallon

By on April 29th, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 2:34

100mpgh3-ed01 The hybrid engine developer Raser Technologies has presented at the the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress in Detroit, the new electric hybrid plug-in Hummer H3 that has a 40 mile all-electric range, 268 hp and a fuel efficiency of over 100 mpg being much more greener than a Prius ( it gets about 55 miles per gallon).

“For the first sixty miles the Raser Hummer runs in all EV mode and from there it will run on a constantly operating generator, resulting in an asymptotic decline in average fuel economy. It does get the dramatic 100 MPG fuel economy the company claims — as long as you don’t go further than 60 miles in a day. The actual, long-range economy is a less headline-grabbing 33 MPG.”

The charging duration will be of about eight hours at a 110 volt outlet and four hours at a 220 volt outlet. After the power is reduced through driving, a four-cylinder engine also helps recharge the lithium battery. Only the first 40 miles of driving is done entirely with the electric motor, but it still remains better in comparison with a standard hummer. I must to say that is amazing that a a vehicle on the scale as the Hummer has made this important change, helping a lot the planet.


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