A New Discovery – Dough and Sewage Could Produce Hydrogen

By on January 6th, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 1:48

080509_sony-fullerene-filmBecause the hydrogen is still produced from fossil fuels,  many companies are looking for new alternative hydrogen sources. The researchers have made a new discovery. They have found that the hydrogen could be produced from dough and sewage.

In collaboration with Tokyo University, a Japanese company called Kajima has been explored the sewage idea. They have been discovered that microbes can create run-off water from rice fields and hydrogen from human waste. From a cubic meter of waste, a prototype fuel cell can generate 130W. The company expects that by 2020 to launch on market a commercial product.

Since 2005, the popular beer maker, Sapporo Breweries, has been working on a plan to decompose waste dough at factory bakeries for hydrogen production. This product is much more closer to be launched on market next year. The company is able to produce from 125kg of waste food,  25,000 liters of hydrogen and that is amazing!


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