Improved Redox Flow Batteries Can be Recharged in Few Minutes

By on October 14th, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 11:16

redox-flow-batteries-1_KPmPz_69Scientists from Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology have improved the performance of redox flow batteries, presenting a huge advantage for electric vehicles. What is amazing at the redox batteries is that these can be recharged in minutes.

The principle of these amazing batteries is not new – two fluid electrolytes containing metal ions flow through porous graphite felt electrodes, separated by a membrane which allows protons to pass through it. During this exchange of charge a current flows over the electrodes, which can be used by a battery powered device.

Until now, however, redox flow batteries have had the disadvantage of storing significantly less energy than lithium-ion batteries. The vehicles would only be able to cover about a quarter of the normal distance – around 25 kilometers – which means the driver would have to recharge the batteries four times as often.

The researchers claim that they can increase the mileage four or five times, putting the redox flow batteries in competition with lithium-ion batteries.

[Source: Physorg]


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