Low-emission Engines For Future Hybrid Electric Vehicles!

By on October 13th, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008 0:27

On the one hand, one of the world’s most polluted countries is China, but on the other hand they are not unaware of the ill effects of the excessive use of fossil fuels and find solutions to eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions and to make a cleaner environment.

This country is investing a considerable time and talent in green energy field. Recently, China’s researchers are working on a new type of internal combustion engine. They are developing and using a new computer model to assess performance of the free piston linear alternator (FPLA).

This experiment is ideal for hybrid electric vehicles because it can lead to a fuel efficient engine, with low emissions.

In the device, a piston in a cylinder shuttles between two combustion chambers. The electricity is generated by permanent magnets which are attached on the piston and passing through the coils of an alternator centered on the cylinder. What is important to know is that this particluar engine can work using various fuels, for example hydrogen and natural gas, and this is a great thing! I say that because in the future, when maybe will be possible fossil fuel shortages and climate change, this type of engine can be very beneficial.

In the research team report is explained the development of new computer model, more superior, which will appraise performance of the FPLA. The researchers said that the FPLA could speed up three times faster than other internal combustion engines. The air pollution will be reduced because the fuel will be burned.


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