Luxgen Launches a New All-Electric MPV

By on January 5th, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 15:44

Luxgen, a Taiwanese company, has unveiled at the Dubai International Auto Show a new all-electric MPV that according to the company, it will the world’s first all-electric 7-passenger MPV.

The car utilizes the same technology found in HTC smart phones to combine electric power, luxury and advanced technology all in the same package. Dubbed the EV+, the car features an AC propulsion motor that can delivers 265 N-m of torque and in just 8.5 seconds, the car can reach a speed of 62mph.

The company is also claiming a 90 mph top speed, faster than a Prius but much slower than the Tesla. If the vehicle is driven at 40kph, it will have an operating range of 350km between charges.

[Source: Gas2]


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