Mercedes Presents The Electric Racing Car

By on November 2nd, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008 13:48

Mercedes Benz has made the concept of the future F1 car. The environmentally friendly car is called Formula Zero Racer is one of the new designs entered in LA Design Challenge in 2008.

Formula Zero, which will make part from the green revolution of Formula 1, will have an aero-efficient solar skin, an electric motor and an aerodynamic rigid sail. Mercedes says the design is reminiscent of the Mercedes Benz racing heritage of the 1930s.

Nine Southern California studious will make a contest to develop the best racecar for “MotorSports in 2025″. Each team will be loaded with the same level of energy, and the winners will be determined not only depending on time but also energy efficiency.

In September, Peugeot introduced a hybrid version of the 908 HDi FAP model racing, named HY. The vehicle is equipped with a device developed alike for the Formule 1 cars.


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