New PV Cell Designed to Capture Infrared, Visible and Ultraviolet Light

By on April 16th, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010 0:04

Scientists at the Kyoto Institute of Technologybhave developed a new solar cell, capable of producing energy from ultraviolet, infrared and visible light. The research team lead by associate professor Saki Sonoda, hopes that this new cell will lead to the development of highly efficient photovoltaic cells that can be single-junction rather than the more conventional multi-junction.

These new photovoltaic cells were made by ‘doping’ gallium nitride (GaN – a wide bandgap transparent composite semiconductor), with a 3d transition metal such as manganese. Using a single junction cell, these new PV modules will be able to absorb all light, making it an efficient way to convert electricity.

So, just what is a multi-junction PV cell? With a multi-junction PV cell, multiple thin films of varying absorption capabilities are required to catch the entire spectrum of light. But with a cell such as the prototype put forward by this research group, all that light can be absorbed using a single junction cell.

With such advancements in the field of photovoltaics it’s exciting to see that the much hyped potential of thin film solar is not only coming to fruition, but it can also get even better still.

[Source: Gizmag]


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