New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Build By Osaka Students

By on January 16th, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012 12:49

It appears the Japanese are so hyped up on technology that there is no stopping even for students! A group of them from the Osaka Sangyo University sacrificed their breaks to make a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle see the light of day in time for the Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward on January 13.

The vehicle is a 2-person sports car that consists of parts bought on the open market, including a 7.5 kW battery.

However, what it lacks in power output (only 10% of what electric vehicles have to offer), the car makes up in speed: 80 km/hour at most. A great feature about it is that it’s able to produce energy at the same time is spends it.

Its creators are very enthusiastic about it, especially since it’s the first Japanese project not to spring from a car company’s office and it has already been licensed to be driven around. If only more students were like this!…

[via Mainichi JP]


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