Porsche Is On The Verge Of Releasing The Electrical Prototype Of The 911 Model

By on October 14th, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 10:39

The auto tuning company named RUF specialized in modifying Porsche models, announced the development of a prototype 100% electric, of the model 911.

Thus, the classic boxer engine was replaced with one electric, able to develop 204 horsepower and to propeller the car up to a maximum speed of 224 km per hour. To recharge the battery with an autonomy of approximately 300 km are required no less than 10 hours. The final version, which will be produced in a limited series, will cost between 150 and 180 thousand euros.

In June, Porsche has announced the launch of Panamera limos, the second German model which will have under the hood a diesel propeller and a hybrid engine. The car will arrive in showrooms in 2010, but it sure that next year will be seen as a preproduction model.

In February, Porsche representatives announced that they will levy against the daily tax from London on the polluting cars. They argues that the possible fee of 48.74 dollars per day is unjust and would not reduce carbon dioxide emissions, preventing, also the business progress in town.


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