Portable Solar Laptop Made from Bioplastics

By on May 14th, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009 4:46

lapto_0A portable laptop powered by solar energy was created recently by the Spanish computer manufacturer, iUnika. The eco-friendly netbook computer weighs only 700gm and has a diagonal of 8 inches, being powered by solar panels mounted on the rear of the display.

In addition, the system body’s is made from bioplastics and other biodegradable materials derived from starch and cellulose. The price for one such “green” laptop will be approximately 130 euro and it should hit the market in late June.

The system has an internal memory of 128 MB of RAM and up to 64GB of flash memory which according to the company is enough to run many free applications developed for GNU/Linux. In terms of connectivity, the system comes with Wi-Fi and a 10/100 Ethernet card.

Source: Ecofriend


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