Temple in Singapore Generates Renewable Energy Using Wind and Solar Energy Generators

By on September 9th, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 3:08

solar-powered-templeThe Po Ern Shi Temple from Singapore could be the world’s greenest temple. The ecologically friendly temple has achieved a carbon neutral status by producing all the electricity it needs from renewable sources.

The government has invested about 20 million dollars on photovoltaic panels and and several small windmills that generate about 15MW of electricity annually. The temple benefits of 7 large solar hot water heaters which help in cooking food for 1000 people and 22 resident Buddhist nuns. Moreover, the temple is naturally ventilated, utilizing the thermal mass of construction materials, while only a few areas of the temple rely on air conditioning.

Engineers are also working on possible methods of generating electric energy using rainwater before it is stored in the tanks for use. As for the lighting of the temple, it is made on an environment friendly way. During daytime, the natural light is made to enter the temple complex and during the night are used energy saving LED and CFL lamps. The first phase of construction will be completed in about five years and the entire project cost the temple $23 million.

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