Solar Modules for Highways Generates Power Even at Night

By on May 28th, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009 4:57

electrawall_eezde_69The company Solaroad Technologies claims to have invented new kind of solar cells for highways that can generate power even at night by converting light from headlights of cars into energy. Electrawall, as the system has been named, also stores what it collects in batteries. The inventor claims a million feet of his collectors could match the output of a small nuke.

Solaroad is developing this technology that can be deployed very quickly across the country in ways that can capture the sun and capture light and produce energy from that,” said Congressman John Sarbanes.

Professors and students at Towson are involved in testing of the solar tubes.

“We have had at least one or ten student interns working in the company as well as research projects on the capabilities of the technology,” said Dyan Brasington, Towson University.

Solaroad Technologies also wants to market a cube tube, which would be installed on top of a workers cubicle in an office and it would get energy from the florescent lights in the work space.

Every cubicle in America that has a computer, printer, light whatever could be powered using interior photovoltaic cells. The company hopes to get the government to invest in this new invention.

Source: WJZ


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