Sun Powered Charger Guides Your Way Through the Night

By on November 3rd, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 9:56

2008102618157780As the market is flooded with different kinds of charging devices that run on solar energy, companies must do something different in order to gain the sales over their competitors. Cleannergy has been working to develop a solar charger that not only powers a laptop of different electronic gadgets but is also a solar-powered lamp for indoor and outdoor use.

The solar gadget charger  GET-SCL001B has a built-in charger working on 20V/2.0A which is able to output 40W of green power. The 40W are enough to charge a notebook computer battery in about 3 hours. The device has four 3.7V/4.5Ah batteries and a controller system that offers five output voltage settings to suit a wide range of devices.

The charger has also a built-in LED flashlight and also has an LED light attachment that acts as a reading light. Both flashlights run on the energy stored in the on-board batteries by the solar panels attached above.


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