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Hummer H3 Hybrid gets 100 miles per gallon

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 2:34 No Comments

The hybrid engine developer Raser Technologies has presented at the the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress in Detroit, the new electric hybrid plug-in Hummer H3 that has a 40 mile all-electric range, 268 hp and a fuel efficiency of over 100 mpg being much more greener than a Prius ( it gets about 55 [...]

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Honda Jazz Hybrid To Be Launched In 2010

Monday, December 29, 2008 3:56 No Comments

Honda completes its hybrid range for 2010 with the Jazz model. The hybrid will have the same gas engine as the Insight model. The 1.3-liter engine will be assisted by another electric motor, for a consumption of 3 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 90 g / km.

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World’s First “Eco” Boat Will Cross The Atlantic:Roboat

Saturday, December 6, 2008 1:11 No Comments

The ASV Roboat with hybrid engine and solar panels mounted on board, will cross the Atlantic. At the beginning of the year, the boat won the World Robotic Sailing Champioship where the hybrid engine has proved more competitive than traditional ones. The engine batteries are loaded directly from the sun and the helm is controlled [...]

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