The Simplest Way to Convert Your Roof Into a Renewable Energy Generator

By on May 17th, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009 1:30

6a00d8341c67ce53ef011570866f18970b-500wiThe company Armageddon Energy has developed  a system called “Clover,”that help you to convert your roof into a renewable energy generator. The system includes a micro-inverter, a triangular frame, and three hexagonal solar panels. It’s lightweight and can generate roughly 400 watts of green energy. The company just finished early stage testing and is readying a beta program for further testing. 

Although installation appears simple, the rack still needs to be mounted to the roof, panels need to be positioned, and everything needs to be plugged in.  But the no-frills design should ease the costs of installation, which typically runs about 30-50% of the cost of the total solar system.

The panels are light — roughly 10-12 pounds per hexagonal panel — because the glass is replaced with a Teflon coating from DuPont.  The panels may not last as long as their glass counterparts, but in any event, a clover is rumored to cost about $6,000 once the company plans to ship commercial volumes about a year from now.

Source: Jetsongreen


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