Toyota developing seaweed hybrid car

By on March 1st, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009 5:57

toyota_0Toyota has presented the new hybrid concept car called 1/X i made from seaweed, which will be presented at the Melbourne International Motor Show in Australia.

The car is equipped with a 500cc engine, meaning one third of the capacity of the best performing “eco” model, Prius. The 1/X uses high-tech materials like carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, which gives its collision safety and makes the car not to exceed 400kg.

The 1/X can be powered by electricity, and the bodywork is designed so that when the car will appear on the market, to be built of marine algae plastic material.

For this reason, the car will remain in the Toyota’s laboratories at least for another decade, until the materials offered by them will be produced on a large scale and will be effective in terms of costs.

In this way Toyota is continuing the series of “eco” projects, and at this year’s Melbourne International Motor Show, they will present a new type of Prius, a Camry concept.

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