Toyota Hybrid Vehicles Will Be Equipped With Plant-Based Plastic Material

By on December 30th, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 1:44

prius_ecoIn the next years, Toyota hybrid fleet will be equipped with ecological plastic that will be made of plants.

In January at the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota will presents its new Prius equipped with “green plastic”. Another important thing to know is that these plants are not edible, being cultivated only for plastic materials use.

At Prius, this material will cover approximately 60% of the interior components. Will be used at pillar covers, seat cushions, door trim, sun visors and headliner. The other components will be made from petroleum-based plastic.  This material have the same productivity and quality as that of traditional plastic, being tested for heat and shock resistance. I hope that in the future to change all the components with this “green” material because it reduce the life-cycle emissions, being carbon neutral.

It is amazing what those from Toyota had made, but another important thing that needs to be eliminated is oil-fueled engine. I am happy that they don’t use edible plants for this materials.  I do not agree with those who use edible plants as a source of biofuel while other people from Asia, Africa or other poor places die of hunger.  This is my opinion.


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