Ultra-efficient capacitor could replace batteries in electric cars

By on March 24th, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 0:14

capacitors_sfu69_69A team of scientists from Korea and US have developed a new ultra-efficient capacitor that can be used to the electric cars of the future, laptops and mobile phones.

The prototype capacitor, is capable of storing power at the same massive density as a supercapacitor but releases it quickly similar to an electrostatic capacitor, being much more powerful that any existing batteries.

The scientists plan to increase the electric cars efficiency without adding much weight by using the technology as a part of hybrid battery-capacitor system. “Our primary target for this technology is as part of a hybrid battery-capacitor system for electric cars, but there are many potential small scale applications, including better electrical storage systems for cellphones or laptops.” explained Gary Rubloff, one of the inventors of the University of Maryland.

The prototype is so efficient because when this is created, the inventors use 10 billion tiny capacitors which are crammed into every square centimeter of the final capacitor. The next stage is to to improve the device’s performance further by experimenting with deeper pores capable of storing more energy, containing bigger capacitors.

The inventors hope that the resulting capacitor can deliver energy at a rate that would allow a single kilogram to deliver one megawatt of power. This is enough to power 10,000 light bulbs of 100-watt each.

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