United States’Largest Rooftop Solar System Commissioned by Avidan Management Has Been Completed

By on April 25th, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011 1:22

It’s interesting to remark how even in the eco-friendly field, companies think about profit first. Probably they wouldn’t even be on the market if they didn’t. So, just as Google recently said about its latest investments, Avidan Management also talks about projects that “make sound business sense”. And these guys are not kidding: the New Jersey real estate company announced a few days ago it is going to render operative the biggest roof-mounted solar panel system in America.

The 4.26-megawatt system is a very big step for both Avidan Management and SolarWorld, the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the country and the company providing them for this project. It turns Avidan into a leader of the industrial real estate market and SolarWorld into a new record-setting firm, in what the installation of the 17,745 high-performance solar panels are concerned.

The success of the two notable names should be enough to attract other investors in the business, or at least that’s what everybody hopes.

The system is hosted by a 656,255-square-foot facility and is expected to generate a power of 5 million kw/h every year from now on. This means people working in that building and the goods/foods stored there will have at least half of the power they need provided for. Also, carbon emissions will be reduced by 3,750 tons per year, in other words it’s the equivalent of the oxygen 3.5 million trees .

Before the dedication ceremony, Avi Avidan – Managing Member of Avidan Management insisted on the dual character of the project, combining both care for the environment and a good business idea, which translates in a 30% save on energy costs. He also mentioned the support the company received from public officials, SolarWorld and Solar Nation, as they all did a great job to make the project see the light of day and make it the greatest one of its kind.

In turn, the President of SolarWorld Americas Kevin Killkelly also wanted to show appreciation for the opportunity that was offered to them, that is to help “lead this country into a stronger, cleaner, more secure energy future.” This seems like a true success story of a family-owned business, but nobody minds as long as benefits the environment as well!

[via BusinessWire]


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