Wind Turbines Along British Rivers

By on October 8th, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 7:50

The company that administers the British waterways, intends to install 50 wind turbines and hydroelectric plants, along the canals and the rivers in the next five years. British waterways said that the plan would bring annual benefits of more than 1 million pounds.

“If successfully develop this resource, the channels national network, could generate 10 times more electricity than it consume”,said the executive director of BW, Robin Evans.

Locations where the turbines will be installed have not yet been determined. A BW spokesman said for BBC that they first will consider the most important environment issues before to contacting the local communities.

Partnerships for Renewables, private organization that cooperates with the authorities on renewable energy projects, will handle of the equipment and will take over the construction costs, estimated at 150 million pounds.

The company also proposed to supply with renewable energy 230,000 homes in a range of five to eight years and the alliance with BW on this project would cover 20% of the plan.

Ecological organizations were mentioned in the BW project favor “Community Projects of renewables by wind farms and have a very important role in reducing our dependence from fossil fuels and help Britain to develop an economy based on low carbon consumption,” said Nick Rau, responsible with this campaign.

Although some studies challenge the feasibility of this plan, the British government pledged that until 2015, 15% of the country’s electricity to come from renewable sources.


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