World’s First Completely Zero-Emission Race Car Powered by Electricity

By on July 30th, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009 1:00

all-electric-formula-student-car_hpzjm_69A team of students at the University of Hertfordshire has raced the world’s first completely electric Formula Student racing car and won this month’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers Formula Student competition.

James Major, a final year student in Automotive Engineering who led the team which developed the car declared that: “We are the first team to enter a pure electric racing car into this competition, and are still the only University to win Class 1(A).”

According to the team leader, the car which was developed to a budget of £14,000 can reach 55 miles per hour, and can run at an average cost of a penny a mile. This electric car which won the Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technology Award for Lowest Carbon Production Car, is 100% environment-friendly with zero tail pipe emissions. The students declared that though some carbon is emitted during the production of electricity, but the issue can be avoided by obtaining the electricity from renewable energy sources.

The zero-emission race car is about building future engineering talent by producing and designing a single-seater racing car, not just in manufacture and design, but in many of the marketing, management and people skills so vital in the modern world.


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