Zero Emission Car to Run on Electromagnetic Wheels

By on September 6th, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009 0:08

Zero-emission car run on electromagnetic wheels.Zero emission environment friendly car designed to moves on four independent electromagnetic wheels.

Indian auto designer Nanish K R has cum up with a futuristic urban concept vehicle aimed to revolutionize transport in the year 2020. What is amazing at this green car is that it will be powered by four independent electromagnetic wheels, without needing a conventional powertrain.

The wheels of this zero emission environment friendly vehicle are made of two sliding rings, one of which is an electromagnet, while the other is a permanent magnet. The lithium-ion batteries installed on the car’s chassis will power the electromagnet, getting the same polarity as the permanent magnet. This creates a repulsive force between the rings which is then converted into motion. To brake, the opposite poles of the magnets are made to face each other, and the attraction is used to halt motion.

The body panels of the vehicle are made of polycarbonate to keep the car’s weight to a minimum. This eco car has rear view cameras, LED lamps, all controls integrated into a single touch-screen controller on the dashboard.

[Original Source: AutoMotto]


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