Zero Emission Concept Car Powered Completely by Solar Energy

By on May 27th, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 3:38

peugeot-4_xoe2a_17621_xwqzm_5638Drawing inspiration from Formula 1 cars, Swiss designer Ralph Kaeppeli has come up with a futuristic car that is not just fast and lightweight but also helps in sustaining the environment. Called “SOOL,” the revolutionary car is the first solar powered Peugeot vehicle that causes no emissions at all (not even noise).

Featuring a big glass shield to present an extensive view to the rider, the Peugeot 5001 comes with two joysticks, fixed on the driver seat, for effortless steering and controls. While the driver’s seat is mounted on a pole, by a special link, which moves in all directions, allowing a more comfortable and relaxing driving position to the rider.

Coming in a compact size, which makes it ideal for cramped city roads and parking spaces, the Peugeot SOOL consists mainly of solar panels and combines characteristics alien to contemporary vehicles.

The large glass shield apart from offering an unlimited range of view to the rider also enhances the sun light that passes through it and then hit the solar panels, which juices up the powerful battery located under the rear wheels. Other than promising a clean and green ride, the Peugeot SOOL puts forward a simple yet efficient design that virtually requires no maintenance.

Source: The Design Blog


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